Send Your
Marketing Numbers
to an Analyst
Analyzing numbers and sales data is an
important part of your or your clients'

But if crunching numbers was your true
love, you would have listened to your
mother and been an accountant,
instead of going into advertising or

Now if you'd rather not labor over those
spreadsheets, I can help you.
I'm David Kronheim, a.k.a. the Number Tamer, and I can relieve you of the burden of
calculating and analyzing those numbers.

My service provides secondary marketing research, from organizing data to writing a
complete report and analysis.   I've done in-depth analyses for major advertisers such as
Wal-Mart, Wendy's, Foot Locker, and Champs Sports.   Every year, I compile and write one of
the most comprehensive studies of Major League and Minor League Baseball Attendance.   
You can read them by clicking the PDF links on the 'Baseball Reports' page.

Number Tamer differs from other research services because I combine market research
analytical talent with creative writing skills.   So while I can gather and study data in great
detail, I won't overload you with irrelevant statistics and tables.   I'll give you a report that is
concise, well-written in plain English, and easy to understand.   I avoid research jargon, and
I always take time to explain everything fully, at no extra charge to you.

Number Tamer service is fast and friendly, with very reasonable rates.   Plus, I make that
extra effort so that you can make a good impression on management or your clients.

Please click on the 'Baseball Reports' page to download my 2009 through 2019 Major
League and Minor League Baseball Attendance Analyses.   Then, for added marketing
knowledge, or to just get some help with an analytical assignment, let Number Tamer
crunch and analyze those numbers for you.   This will give you more time for the parts of
advertising and marketing that you really enjoy, like reading e-mails and attending meetings.
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