Baseball Attendance Reports
2015 Major League Baseball Preliminary Attendance Report

This report has 2015 attendance notes for Major League Baseball.   It includes
highlights, plus  attendance for each team for 2015, with a comparison with 2014
attendance.   Download it here:

2015 Major League Baseball Attendance Highlights

The full 2015 Minor League Attendance Analysis has been posted, and can be found
by scrolling down this page.   The 2015 Major League Attendance Analysis is expected
to be posted by May, 2016.

2009 through 2015 Baseball Attendance Analysis Reports

The Number Tamer Baseball Attendance Analysis reports for 2009 through 2015 can
be downloaded from this page.   There are two separate reports each year, one for
Major League Baseball, while the other covers Minor League Baseball, including all
independent leagues.   To read them, just click on the respective PDF link, on this
page, below each report's description.

The raw figures in these reports come from leagues and teams.   But the data analysis
was done by me.   Much of this information cannot be found anywhere else.


This 198 page report (about 8 MB) is an extensive overview of 2014 and historical
Major League Baseball attendance.   It includes:

  • Expanded 2014 and historical attendance notes for every team.
  • Major League attendance statistics going back to 1900.
  • Attendance in multi-team cities.
  • Yearly total and average attendance per date for each league (1900-2014).
  • Season, game, and sellout attendance records, plus recent attendance trends  
    for baseball and other sports.   This section has been updated with 2015 figures.
  • Changes in attendance since the 1994-95 strike.
  • How new ballparks and championship teams affect attendance.
  • All-Star Game and Post-Season attendance.
  • Largest increases and decreases in team attendance in Major League history.
  • Yearly listing of teams with the best and worst attendance in each league from
    1900 through 2014.
  • Number of times each team had the best and worst attendance in its league.        
  • Big gains and losses by teams a year after they played in the World Series.
  • Total attendance at current Major League ballparks.
  • History of 1930's and 1940's night games.

Download it here:

2015 MAJOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis - coming in May

2014 MAJOR  League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2013 MAJOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2012 MAJOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2011 MAJOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2010 MAJOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2009 MAJOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis


Minor League Baseball is more popular than ever.   Total attendance is up about five
fold since the early 1970's.   This 123 page report features 2015 attendance highlights
and statistics for all Major League affiliated and independent Minor Leagues.   There
is a section about Minor League teams that play in the same TV markets as Major
League Baseball or NFL, NBA, or NHL teams, along with an analysis of the growth in
Minor League attendance in recent decades.   Each current league's and team's
record-high attendance is provided.

Historical features include: A yearly listing of total Minor League attendance, along
with a list of individual team attendance leaders going back to 1940;  A look back at
1949, when Minor League attendance established a record high attendance that
lasted until 1999;  A look back at 1961 and 1962, when Minor League attendance
reached a low point; A section about Minor League markets that later joined the Major
Leagues; Comparison of attendance growth for Minor League Baseball with other
team sports; Teams that drew at least 500,000 in a season.   

Download it here:

2015 MINOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2014 MINOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2013 MINOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2012 MINOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2011 MINOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2010 MINOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

2009 MINOR League Baseball Attendance Analysis

Reports from earlier years are available upon request.


These baseball reports are available for your use totally free of charge.   You may
copy, distribute, and publish any of this material, including statistical tables.   Credit to, or to David Kronheim, would be appreciated, and if my data
appears in your publication or on your Website, I'd love to see it.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.   I have an extensive database of
Major League and Minor League attendance data that I'm glad to share with everyone,
for free.   Comments, corrections, and suggestions are always welcome.

Please note that all of these reports are copyrighted.