About David Kronheim - The Number Tamer
I have 40 years of experience as a secondary market
research analyst on both the advertising agency and
client sides.   I also have one of the most unusual
backgrounds of anyone in this field.

My market research career began with retail chain
Lane Bryant.   Soon after, I moved into advertising,
where I created my own research position with Ted
Bates affiliated Sawdon & Bess Advertising.

There I worked on nearly all of the agency's accounts,
including package goods, and especially, retailing.   
My research was used in most of the agency's new
business presentations.

After Sawdon & Bess was merged into AC&R
Advertising, I set up my own business, yet for more
than a decade, I continued to work with AC&R and
Bates as a freelancer.
But I have a very different background from most number crunchers.   I'm both analytical and

I was a radio sportscaster in college, and later on, I hosted a talk show on Long Island radio
station WGBB.  I had to learn a skill which became very valuable in my research career:
Be brief and get right-to-the-point.

I also used my broadcast talent as a volunteer narrator and director of 'talking' books and
magazines for JBI International.   My creative specialty has been writing funny radio
commercials.   Additionally, I'm the author of 'Advertising for Love,' a humorous book about
dating through the personal ads, published by X-Libris, a division of Random House.   But
while I've had success in writing and broadcasting, I still love crunching those numbers,
especially for Major and Minor League Baseball since 1999.

I've earned a Communications B.A. from Queens College, and an M.B.A. in Marketing from
Hofstra University.   Though I am a lifelong native of New York, I've never had a pastrami
sandwich or an egg cream.